Our purpose and passion is to

Ignite Your WaySM

We know that a career of meaning and purpose results in a better life.

We have a process that guides emerging adults toward clarity in career and life, and we teach them the skills to go after it.

Dr. Bob Caron
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our Mission

Our Impact

We exist to make an impact on an entire generation of emerging adults, one Voyager at time. We’re not a college-search service. We don’t care what your first job is. We certainly don’t care how much money you make if and when you graduate from college. We are here to make a profound impact on the entire trajectory of your life. The long arch of your career is what we focus on and we are here to make certain you are heading in the right direction – where you will succeed and maximize your value over the long haul. The more value you provide, the more energy is returned to you. We’re here to raise your game! Are you in? 

We exist to enable and empower an entire generation of emerging adults to find clarity in the purpose they wish to serve and to give them the skills to succeed. We’re coaches… and coaches help you win! While career is our game, life is our playing field. We help you win on both levels! 

We use a comprehensive science-based approach that integrates the best practices from career coaching, higher education, and ancient wisdom from Eastern traditions. We use videos that are informative, challenging, and entertaining. We ask you questions – tough ones – and we can be a guide by your side if you want one.

We listen to you and we see your stories transform. We watch our Voyagers become more able and agile. We hear the successes, and we watch you navigate the struggles. The struggle is real, and it takes a great deal of effort on your part in addition to the lessons learned in our programs. Make no mistake – we do this together!

Ignite Your Way Online Courses

Online Coaching Programs

The most accessible and consumable media of our time. It’s dynamic, entertaining and informative. It’s wherever you are whenever you want it.

Ignite Your Way One on One Coach

Flame Finder Coaching ℠

Everyone needs a guide by their side now and again. Big transitions? Big decisions? Our coaches help you gain clarity with their questions and insights.

Ignite Your Way Live Events

Live Events

You’re not alone! There are millions of Voyagers out there struggling with the same things you are. Connect with them and us in our live event series.

Meet Dr. Bob Caron,
Chief Flame Finder of Ignite Your Way SM

Dr. Bob Caron is a coach, a counselor, a professor, a higher-education administrator, an entrepreneur, a martial artist and a Zen practitioner. He’s also a father of three and a person whose long and winding journey has given him rare insight into the nature of humankind and how to thrive in the world. He has a unique ability to connect with emerging adults and can be a sage on the stage or a guide by your side. He’s advised and mentored emerging adults for decades and his purpose is to help them find direction and serve a purpose they believe is a mighty one.