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Parent Empowerment Program ℠

We value the parents’ role in the career and life discovery process and we’ve created a resource to help you.

Dr. Bob Caron
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A message from Dr. Bob Caron...

Just for the parents

It’s not easy – and never really has been. It started with worrying about whether they would eat, sleep and poop. Then, whether they’d do well in school and make friends. And now, Holy Cow!!, they’re growing up faster than you expected but also they need to make huge decisions that they simply aren’t ready to make. You’re staring at a $200K college education like someone was pointing a gun in your face and your kids are choosing colleges based on how well they sell them on the dorms and school spirit without really knowing what they actually want to DO with that eduction. Check out this video – I’m so certain that I can help that we guarantee it. 


Dynamic Content

We meet your children where they’re at and connect with them using video, animations, and reflection questions. 

Ignite Your Way Online Courses For Young Adults

Expert Flame Finders

If a self-guided video tour is not enough for your child’s needs, then bring an expert Flame Finder Coach℠  on board!

Ignite Your Way Online Courses For Parents

The Parent's Role

While you can’t force them to talk, and neither will we. Knowing how you can help (and hurt) this process is crucial.

Parent Empowerment is Coming Soon For...

Our Promise to Parents

Guidance and Support for You!

That baby didn't come with an instruction manual! Similarly, no one is writing books on how to help your child discover their life direction and purpose; because (and here's the hard part), it's up to them! But we'll make sure you understand what they're doing in the Accelerant Program℠ and why, and we'll be sure you know how to support the process and help them succeed!

Real Talk - Plain & Simple

I'm not here to blow smoke or patronize you. I'm not walking on egg shells - it's not my style. In addition to inviting you to help in this process, I'm going to speak plainly with you about you can also hurt or damage the process in each video.

Deeper Connection with Your Voyager

I can't fix all parent-child relationships, but I promise that as you LEAD the transition into a new adult relationship with your child, they will trust you, open up to you, and be more open to your wisdom and experience than if you go kicking and screaming into their adulthood. Strap in...it's already here!

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