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Guided Gap Year Program

Taking a moment to pause makes all the moments thereafter count more

Dr. Bob Caron
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What is a guided gap year anyway?

Learn how we optimize your gap year experience

Gap years aren’t just for people who are lost, they’re for people who want to make sure they’re heading down the right path. They want to pause, experience life, gain insights and wisdom that will ensure their investment of time and money in an education is spent well or before taking the leap into their first post-graduate job. A gap year can be a year of accelerated growth and development – a year that makes all the difference. But only if it’s done well and with support. That’s what we do.

Ignite Your Way Online Courses with Coaching

Guided Work Experience

We help you identify, interview for, land and navigate either paid or volunteer work experience to build your skills and deepen your perspective on your career.

Ignite Your Way Live Events Young Adults

Online Accelerant Program

Concurrently with your work experience, you’ll be going through our comprehensive online career education and discovery program called Accelerant.

Ignite Your Way Online Courses For Young Adults

Expert Flame Finder Coaching

You’ll also work with one of our expert coaches one-on-one to make the most of your work and Accelerant program so you extract the greatest possible value.

Our Guided Gap Year Program is For...

What We'll Cover in Accelerant...

The Accelerant Program for Young Adults Ignite Your Way


We begin by extracting insights from your past to be used as assets for your future. To know where you’re going, we need to know where you’ve been.

The Accelerant Program for Young Adults Ignite Your Way


Finding your fit in the world requires some effort and is often in the context of relationships. We teach you how to build relationships and gain perspective.

The Accelerant Program for Young Adults Ignite Your Way


We take a whole-life, big-picture perspective on career and life direction. You’ll define what you want out of life and we teach you how to go after it. 

The Accelerant Program for Young Adults Ignite Your Way


Here’s where we get real, get practical, and set goals. You emerge from this module with a plan of action and empowered to pursue your direction.

The Accelerant Program for Young Adults Ignite Your Way


Ensuring that you are prepared for the obstacles and challenges that lie ahead, we cover the topics that can turn the best laid plans in train wrecks.

The Accelerant Program for Young Adults Ignite Your Way


Here is the advanced course – where development is accelerated and we differentiate you from your peers. No one is teaching you this stuff. Strap in!

Look Inside Accelerant SM

These are snippets of what’s in store for you inside the Accelerant Program ℠.

Our Flame Finder℠ Coaches

Our Flame Finder Coaches are people with deep insight and profound skill. They listen deeply, they empathize profoundly, and they ask game-changing questions that can help to unlock the insight and wisdom that is within you. We aren’t in the business of giving advice. We are in the business of helping you unleash your best self on a world that needs you. One of us will be working closely with you throughout your Guided Gap Year experience.

Dr. Bob Caron

Dr. Bob Caron

Chief Flame Finder
Connie Aramento

Connie Aramento

Flame Finder Coach
Dr. Andy Linscott

Dr. Andy Linscott

Flame Finder Coach
Rhonda Morton

Rhonda Morton

Flame Finder Coach

Guided Work Experience

Ignite Your Way Online Courses For Young Adults


We begin by using your work in the Accelerant program to brainstorm and explore employment, internship and volunteer opportunities that fit your intended career direction.

Ignite Your Way Live Events


Next we help you to connect with potential sites, employers and mentors in that field and conduct informational interviews and/or job interviews for available positions.

Ignite Your Way Online Courses For Young Adults


We support you while you’re working to ensure an optimal experience and then we help you evaluate that experience and extract insights that will guide your way forward.



You are expected to work through the online Accelerant Program - complete monthly coaching sessions with your Flame Finder Coach - engage earnestly in paid work, or volunteer work, and/or college-credit courses taken at institutions of your choosing and at your cost, and you're expected to put in your very best effort.


We aren't here to bore you, lecture you, or show you lots of PowerPoints - we're here to ACCELERATE your development and IGNITE YOUR WAY forward in your career and life. We do this because we love it - we're good at it - you and the world need it - and we like getting paid for it (which is called our Ikigai - and you'll learn all about that in our program). We need you to bring a little joy, a little pizzazz, a little energy to the process. Are you fired up? Cuz we're fired up!


What, you thought we did this for free? Making money is important - for you and for us. The cost of the Guided Gap Year Program is $4,550 if you can pay all at once, or for a little more money you can space those payments out over 9 months (the duration of the program) and pay $595 per month.

Our Promise

Discover Direction and Purpose

The combination of our online Accelerant Program and our Flame Finder Coaching is a one-two punch like no other. You haven't ever experienced anything like this in school or in a guidance counselors office. You'll emerge with direction and purpose and we'll guide you there one step at a time.

Gain Experience and Clarity

There's no way to achieve clarity while sitting on a coach somewhere. We will guide you into and through the experiences needed to help you get clear about the DIRECTION that you want your career and life to go. It's our experiences that give us perspective and perspective will help you gain clarity.

Life Accelerated

The irony of this whole thing is that taking a gap year actually will accelerate your development. That's because instead of wandering semester through semester or from job to job, you'll be building your career deliberately and with purpose: making each course, each internship, and each job count.

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