Frequently Asked Questions

You get access to our password-protected e-learning and coaching platform for 1 year from the date of purchase. Inside the Accelerant Program℠ there are 6 Modules with a total of 30 exercises containing videos that lead you through a process intended to help you gain clarity in your career and life purpose and where you fit in the world. Additionally, our program helps you gain skills that you need in order to pursue your direction and succeed! We do this through professionally produced videos and reflection questions that you are required to answer in order to advance through the program.

That largely depends on you! However, we would recommend that you work through only 2 exercises per week in Modules 1 – 4. These are longer exercises (~30 minutes each – broken up into 5 minute topic videos), with reflection questions that (if you’re doing it right) should take some time and thought to complete. Once you get to Modules 5 and 6 the exercises are shorter (~15 minutes each – again broken into 5 minute topics) and there are no mandatory reflection questions – so you can watch 4 or 5 of those per week if you like. Therefore, if you follow our recommendations – the shortest time period we’d expect for you to get through our program would be about 10 weeks. The longest we want you to take is 1 year. In fact, we think that’s way too long – as a more concentrated focus on the program will likely yield you better results. Therefore, your $295 fee only provides you access to the Accelerant Program℠ for 1 year. If you want access thereafter, you will need to re-subscribe and you can continue access on an unlimited monthly basis (no expiration) for $9.95 per month.

Well, that would be impossible!! But, if the impossible happens, you should contact us, and we will work with you to either resolve conflicts or assign you another coach. We don’t ever want you to be unhappy with our service. Let us do our best to make your experience a good one! You have to communicate your needs, concerns and wishes with us in order for us to do that – so email us at support@igniteyourway.com and we’ll get right on it!

We’re not asking for birth certificates or other forms of identification, so we are not going to stop you from engaging in the Accelerant Program℠. However, you should know that we designed this program for this age group. That means we were attempting to dial in the language, concepts and overall cognitive load to be most beneficial to this age group. Because the range of 17 – 22 is truly a wide age range, you should expect that the program will be very challenging for most 17- to 18-year-old persons. We are “accelerating development” here – not “hanging out in your comfort zone”. So, if you are 14 to 16, our guess is that this program will be too challenging, and you might not get the value you expect out of it. Our brains mature rapidly in our adolescent and emerging adulthood years. There’s a big difference between a 15-year-old brain and an 18-year-old brain and between an 18-year-old brain and a 24-year-old brain. We have clearly stated our intent: to accelerate the development of emerging adults, who we define as 17 – 22-year-olds. If you are younger or older than this age range, then you proceed with full acknowledgment that we did not design this program for you. And we imagine that the program would likely yield considerable benefits for people slightly outside our intended age range.

We will not give them access nor will we disclose anything you write in our e-learning program with your parents, unless you write something that makes us think you are going to harm yourself or someone else. At that point we may feel obligated to alert your parent or guardian (if we have that information) and/or the local authorities in your area. It’s up to you to keep your user name and password confidential so no one else can access your account.

Great question! We want you to come to our Live Events (when it’s safe to do so #covidbites)! They are fun, super engaging, entertaining – there’s music and dancing – there’s insights a plenty – we laugh, we cry, (did I mention we dance?), and you’ll get the opportunity to go deep on several of our key topics in the Accelerant Program. You can bring a friend or a parent to our Live Events as well! However, our Accelerant Program is a 6-module, 30-exercise online video-based e-learning program. There is over 18 hours of run-time on our videos in this program and there are a multitude of Reflection questions to work through. We could never deliver that amount of content in a live event without completing frying your brain. We just wouldn’t be doing the content justice and you wouldn’t get anything out of it. In our live events we go deep into a select few topics – and in our online program we give you the entire breadth and scope of what you need to succeed! The two formats work together to help Ignite Your Way! We hope to see you engage in both of these platforms!

In your Cockpit – which is your personal “dashboard” that is the landing page when you sign into your Accelerant Program – you can add a parent or guardian to the Parent Empowerment Program at any time. Just scroll to the bottom of your Cockpit and click on the tab that indicates “Parent Program” and follow the instructions. Your parent / guardian will get an email with an access code that they will need in order to register and sign into this program. The Parent Empowerment Program is free with your purchase of the Accelerant Program.

You bet! Of course you can, and that might be a great way to go for many of you. Start by using the online Accelerant Program only and if you feel like you’re getting what you need out of it, then keep going. If you want to add Flame Finder Coaching later, there is a place to do that right inside your Cockpit (the dashboard to our programs) and you can add that at any time. For a good many of you, it’s likely a great idea to start off the program with a Flame Finder Coach that can help you apply the program to your specific situation, hold you accountable, and go deeper into the program than you could do on your own.

Not seeing your question here? Email us at support@igniteyourway.com