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If you’re passionate about working with emerging adults and want to make a contribution to their career and life direction

Dr. Bob Caron

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How to Become a Flame Finder

I’d don’t care what college degree you have, nor do I care if you even have one. Some of our coaches hold doctorates, some have considerable industry experience, some of our coaches are trained as counselors, and others have never taken a psychology class. We’re looking for passionate people with considerable experience who deeply desire to make a positive impact on the lives of emerging adults. 

If you want to join our growing team of Flame Finder coaches and guide Voyagers toward lives of meaning and purpose, then watch this video and learn more about our process. 

Ignite Your Way Online Courses

Comprehensive Online Training

You’ll be trained on our unique process and we’ll develop your skills so you feel confident before your coach Voyagers.

Ignite Your Way Online Courses with Coaching

Mentorship & Community

You’re not alone and we’ll make sure you feel the strength of our community through mentorship and web meet-ups.

Ignite Your Way Personal Coaching

Make An Impact

Our Flame Finder Coaches ℠ come from many backgrounds, but they all want to make an impact on emerging adults.

Who are Flame Finder Coaches?

Let's Connect:

We need you to pass a few tests before you can become a Flame Finder Coach ℠ . First, you have to be able to use technology. We are a virtual team and we connect face-to-face via technology. That’s also how you will coach our Voyagers. You also need to be able to express yourself clearly and articulate your purpose, your passions, and your path in a clear and concise manner. Your story will become part of the value you offer our Voyagers and will support their accelerated development. So, send us a short video (under 5 minutes) of you. Here’s what we want to know in no particular order:

1. What makes you want to become a Flame Finder Coach ℠ ?
2. What makes you qualified to coach emerging adults on career and life direction?
3. Tell us your story that has lead you to apply to for this profoundly important role.

We will watch your video and if we resonate with you then we’ll set up a live interview with Chief Flame Finder, Dr. Bob Caron. If not, we’ll thank you for your time and we will delete your video. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the training involve?

You'll need to work through our comprehensive online Flame Finder Coach SMtraining program, which includes a series of videos on how to support our Voyagers as they go through their Accelerant ProgramSM. This will include going into the Accelerant ProgramSM yourself and watching all of those videos. It's a lot! There are six modules with 4 to 7 exercises each in the Accelerant ProgramSM and one coach training video per module. Additionally, we have a module on coaching skills that you will interact with as well. You'll have a coach mentor that will have scheduled video calls with you and then you'll do some guided coaching before we unleash you on our Voyagers.

What is the cost of starting up?

The coach training program costs $1000 paid in full up front. Most of that fee goes to your coach mentor for their time and effort to support you through the training. The other cost is your considerable time and effort to train up on our process and learn our expectations for the world-class coaching we provide. We will continuously work on your development as a coach as we provide monthly training and community building calls with Chief Flame Finder, Dr. Bob Caron. You will earn your investment back when you coach your first couple of Voyagers.

Time and Compensation?

Flame Finder Coaching includes reading Voyager's answers to our reflection questions, scheduling and conducting video coaching calls with your Voyager that will last 60 to 90 minutes each. Those calls are designed to occur after the Voyager has completed specific aspects of the programM. You are asked to be available for messaging within the Accelerant Connect Platform (an internal social media platform just for our Voyagers) in addition to scheduled video calls. You will receive a competitive flat fee for these services. If you bring the Voyager to us (as in they purchase the Accelerant ProgramS with Flame Finder CoachingSM and identify you as the referral source) then we will pay you a referral bonus.