Education Partners

With our help you can offer more than an education – you can offer a direction and a purpose. Your students will emerge with a personal mission, driven by passion and deep insight, and the education you provide will propel them toward that future.  

Why partner with us

The Value We Add:

You’re an educational institution not a coaching program. You know how to build skills in academic areas, and you’ve expanded and innovated your programs and pedagogy. You’re attending to your students social and emotional needs, and academic advising through the college journey and guidance counseling at the high school level are tasks unto themselves. But something is still missing – how to help students – all of your students – answer deeper questions about what they want to do with their life, and somehow the poetry class isn’t quite cutting it. We provide a career development process and a platform to truly help your students and allow you to provide tremendous value that will differentiate your institution from your competitors. 

We exist to enable and empower an entire generation of emerging adults to find clarity in the purpose they wish to serve and to give them the skills to succeed. We can’t do this alone, because education is an important part of our success equation. However, education without clear direction has disastrous consequences for students. 

We use a comprehensive evidence-based approach that integrates the best practices from career coaching, learning and development, and ancient wisdom from Eastern traditions. We use videos that are informative, challenging, and entertaining. And we support students using a hybrid of video-based and live instruction.

Providing a comprehensive educational and co-curricular experience is hard enough. You can’t be all thing for students – which is why partnering with us makes all the difference. We provide the rich expertise, online and customizable platform, instruction and guidance that would be very challenging for most institutions to develop in-house. Let’s partner!

Ignite Your Way Live Events

Join Our Open Programs

Send a small number of your students into our open enrollment programs. These are hybrid programs with students from all over creating community and connections across schools and distance.

Ignite Your Way Live Events

Fully Customized - Your Way

With 25 or more participants, we’re happy to bring our hybrid learning model to your school exclusively. We’ll customize the experience so your students feel like they never left campus.

Ignite Your Way Online Courses For Young Adults

training Your Staff

We’re also happy to license our program to your school and provide the training and support so your staff can deliver the career coaching and development directly. We’ll be your guide and trainer.

You ask... 
We deliver!

On-line Career Discover & Development Programs

Allow us to customize our flagship online coaching program, called The Accelerant ProgramSM, to your institutions look and feel. We offer institutional discounts so you can deliver a world-class coaching program to your students and help them Ignite their Way toward careers of meaning and purpose.

Live Group Flame Finder CoachingSM

Online programs don't work for young people without support and personal connection. We provide a hybrid-learning model where students can engage in our online video-based program at their own pace, and then join an interactive group of peers and our coaches who will facilitate the application of their online learning to their situation using live instruction and peer coaching. Engagement, community, application and results - it's what we do!

Live or Virtual Events at Your Institution

Fill a classroom, auditorium or Zoom call and we will deliver a powerful, informative and entertaining experience for everyone in the audience. We'll customize a talk, workshop or multi-day immersion experience for your institutional priorities. We don't mess around and we love live shows! Let us dazzle your audience.

Want to Bring Ignite Your Way® to Your Students?

If you are looking to add value to your students’ lives and careers and you are interested in having a conversation with us about how we can help, then message us and let’s talk.