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Video-based, Online Coaching for Emerging Adults to Discover Career and Life Direction

Dr. Bob Caron
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Intro to Accelerant and Dr. Caron

My name is Dr. Bob Caron and I’m the Chief Flame Finder at Ignite Your Way®. I developed the Accelerant Program because after a decade of working in higher education I witnessed countless emerging adults suffering with deep and powerful questions about what to do with their lives, all while spending their precious time and resources going in a direction that didn’t resonate with them. The K-12 nor the higher education system is designed to support you in this discovery process, but the good news is that there is a process! Join the community of Voyagers going through the Accelerant Program and gain clarity!


Dynamic Content

You watch professional and entertaining videos and answer reflection questions. You leave with clarity and direction

Ignite Your Way Online Courses For Young Adults

Expert Flame Finders

Personal one-on-one Flame Finder Coaching Coaches℠  will help you go deeper with insights and questions for an added fee


They don't Teach You this Stuff

This program is packed with 30 exercises of insight, wisdom, and questions for you that they simply don’t teach you in school

What We'll Cover...

The Accelerant Program for Young Adults Ignite Your Way


We begin by extracting insights from your past to be used as assets for your future. To know where you’re going, we need to know where you’ve been.

The Accelerant Program for Young Adults Ignite Your Way


Finding your fit in the world requires some effort and is often in the context of relationships. We teach you how to build relationships and gain perspective.

The Accelerant Program for Young Adults Ignite Your Way


We take a whole-life, big-picture perspective on career and life direction. You’ll define what you want out of life and we teach you how to go after it. 

The Accelerant Program for Young Adults Ignite Your Way


Here’s where we get real, get practical, and set goals. You emerge from this module with a plan of action and empowered to pursue your direction.

The Accelerant Program for Young Adults Ignite Your Way


Ensuring that you are prepared for the obstacles and challenges that lie ahead, we cover the topics that can turn the best laid plans in train wrecks.

The Accelerant Program for Young Adults Ignite Your Way


Here is the advanced course – where development is accelerated and we differentiate you from your peers. No one is teaching you this stuff. Strap in!

"As my mentor, Bob was instrumental to my success. The experience of my senior year was much smoother and less intimidating due to his enthusiasm and eagerness to see my ideas come to life. Bob was always accessible and reliable, and his willingness to guide me in the direction of my goals was inspiring. As I began thinking about pursuing a postgraduate education, Bob’s valuable insight into different fields of work and higher education helped me to discover the best fit for me!"

Accelerant Program

Jenna Snyder

Graduate Student @ Boston College

"Bob Caron is made for this work. It's not just his impressive leadership skills, or 20 years of teaching experience, or passion for helping people that spring Ignite's programs to life. It's that you can feel he's been there, where you are, and how deeply he cares that you find your way to your best life. You won't find a better guide for the journey!"

Accelerant Program

Dr. Ginny Whitelaw

CEO, Institute for Zen Leadership

Our Promise

Know Yourself and Where You Fit

Modules 1 and 2 will help you better understand who you are and where you fit in the world. It's not easy and it takes effort, but if you're up for it we have the special fuel ("Accelerant℠") to Ignite Your Way forward.

Direction Discovered

Modules 3 and 4 are designed to help you craft your vision of your future and then map out that voyage - so you have a clearer sense of direction and can make powerful decisions that will impact your entire life.

Advanced Life Skills - Accelerated

It's not enough to have direction, you need to have the skills to pursue that direction. You also need to know how to avoid major pitfalls, navigate challenges that surely lie ahead. We'll give you the skills you need to succeed.

Accelerant is For...

Free Sample Videos

Here are some actionable insights to give you a preview of what you’ll find inside the Accelerant Program ℠.

Your Investment

We want EVERYONE to be able to access this program, but

we only have so many coaches and we want to deliver the best possible service to our Voyagers. In order for us to do that, we have a maximum that we cannot exceed. If you come back to this site and see that this registration is unavailable, we have likely reached that capacity temporarily and a "wait list" sign-up will be in it's place.

The Investment for the Accelerant Program with 6 Flame Finder Coaching Sessions is $1,695 and with 8 Flame Finder Coaching Sessions is $1,995 we offer a 4-payment plan option for each of these as well, but you get more than a 10% discount on the full-pay packages.
For your investment you get:

*One year access to the Accelerant Program with 6 modules, 30 exercises, 18-hours of profound video-based content that will walk Voyagers through a process of career and life discovery that is taught nowhere else! * Either 6 or 8 Flame Finder Coaching sessions with your choice of our team of experts, lasting up to 90 minutes each, with access to your coach via email between sessions. * FEBI Assessment with comprehensive report * Our favorite journal and planner with Ignite Your Way logo attached
but more importantly...

* a clear sense of who you are and where you fit in the world * a clear sense of direction in your education, career and life and * advanced life skills to navigate challenges ahead and succeed in your life purpose

I promise you, the value of this clarity pays itself back many, many times over - and we guarantee it...

Ignite Your Way

This program delivers so much value that we guarantee it!

We know that if you put in the effort and provide the focus, then we will deliver on a world-class program that is many times more valuable than the price of admission. We stand behind our work and unconditionally guarantee your satisfaction with your investment. If you’re not 100% satisfied simply email us within 24 hours of completing your SECOND COACHING SESSION – and we will refund your investment. 

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