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Ignite Your Way®

We accelerate the development of emerging adults and help them
discover a clear direction in their career and life.

We call you “Voyagers”. Let us help you find, better yet ignite, your way

Big decisions ahead? Get you and your child some help at just the right time

Looking to differentiate your institution and add real value to your students?

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Ignite Your Way®

You all know the problem! We’re asking you – emerging adults – to make life altering and financially massive decisions about your career and life direction without the support, guidance and skills you need to succeed. We’re setting you up for failure, debt, and unhappiness. We make three simple and profound promises to you. Our Voyagers leave our program with:

A better sense of themselves and where they fit in the world, a clearer sense of direction in their career and life,
and the advanced life skills to pursue that direction.

Accelerating the Development of the Next Generation

Whether you’re looking for direction, or need affirmation that your direction is the right one, or you know where you’re going but need the advantage to help get you there, our programs will help Ignite Your Way®.

Ignite Your Way Accelerant Program

Our FLAGSHIP - online coaching program

Accelerant ProgramSM

You’re not broken – the system is broken! K-12 was designed to build skills for college. College was designed to get you a job. Throughout all this education hardly anyone asked you what you want to do with your life and no one had a comprehensive process to help you discover that answer. The system built you to serve its purpose, not yours. We exist outside this system and our only goal is help you find direction, and light you up, on your way to a life of meaning and purpose. We have a process that no one else is using – and it’s not easy – but we guarantee it. 


Flame Finder CoachingSM

Flame Finder Coaching℠ is an add-on to our Accelerant Program℠. If you feel that you need personalized assistance and a guide to help you navigate the program and go deeper with critical insight and thoughtful questions – then let us match you up with a personal Flame Finder Coach to help Ignite Your Way®! 

Ignite Your Way Coaching Online

Our most comprehensive and supported option

Guided Gap Year Program

COVID has disrupted everything for emerging adults going into college or launching their careers. A gap year is an excellent way to gain experience, clarity of direction and make sure your efforts are moving you in a direction that’s right for you. We combine online video programming, one-on-one coaching, group skills workshops and guide you through meaningful work experience to Ignite Your Way forward. A gap year is not a set back if it accelerates your development and clarifies your way forward.

Coming soon: Just for the parents of voyagers

Parent EmpowermentSM

You know your child better than anyone… except maybe themselves. We know you want your child to be happy, successful and independent. We do too! We are parents just like you, but we’re also experts in career development and accelerating life skills. Our coaching will give them the perspective and skills to make powerful decisions about their career and life. We also know that you are a critical part of their journey! So we designed a FREE program for you, enabling you to help and support your child as they move through the Accelerant Program℠.

Ignite Your Way Parent Empowerment

No parent wants their child to fall but...

you can’t save them from the challenges that lie ahead. You can help to give them the advanced skills to walk their own path with agility and success. Most parents would love to help their children find life direction and purpose, but that’s not your profession and emerging adults don’t always listen to their parents, even when they’re giving great advice! When they needed academic help, you got them a tutor. When they needed athletic help, you got them a trainer. When they learned an instrument, you got them a lesson. We’re going to help them answer the most important questions of their lives – and we’ll give them the skills to succeed once they’ve answered them. It’s what we do and we do it better than anyone.

Our Voyagers Succeed

They succeed because their passions and interests are matched up with their skills.

They succeed because they know themselves and where they fit in the world.

They succeed because they know the detailers that can get them off-track and icebergs that can sink them.

They succeed because they have accelerated their development way beyond their years and their peers.

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